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The Meat Industry Company Walusiak has been on the market since 1994. We have always attached great importance to the quality of our products.

In order to meet still growing expectations of our customers the company is constantly modernizing the equipment and technology. We have modern mobile refrigerator to transport and distribute our products (more in Transport). Our company comply with the European Union regulations (HACCP). In january 2005 we received entitlement to sell our products in the European Union market. Narrow specialization allows full control of Process flow,so we assure high quality of our products.


flaki wołowe w rosole
  • Kaszanka jęczmienna gryczana z podrobami

    Barley Blood sausage

    Weight: 1-2 kg

  • Przedżołądki wołowe

    Beef tripe

    Freezed, packed into the carton
    Weight: 20 kg and more

  • Flaczki w rosole wołowym

    Beef tripe in broth (soup)

    Cuted & boiled beef tripe
    Without additions of proteins & Soya
    Date of usefulness: 35 days Waga: 0,8 kg

  • Flaki wołowe

    Vuted beef tripe

    Without additions of proteins & soya
    Date of usefulness: 35 days
    Weight: 0,5kg; 0,8kg; 3kg; 5kg;

  • Krupnik śląski

    Krupniok śląski

    Diameter: 28-30mm.

  • Flaki wołowe mrożone

    Freezed beef tripe

    Vuted&boiled beef tripe, without additions of proteins&soya
    Date of usefulness: 12 mounths
    Weight: 0,9kg; 2,5kg; 5kg

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